I write books for kids and parents to enjoy together. Because more laughter is less drama

By showing the children’s view on parenthood. I want us, moms and dads to replace some of our pavlovian parenting with a conscientious effort to connect with our kids.

So if you feel on auto-pilot when going through daily routines, if you are overwhelmed because parent life is a treadmill, stop! Read my book with your kid(s). It will give you a little perspective, a sense that “you’re not alone” and a good chuckle while you picture yourself  on occasions.

I don’t believe in perfect parenting; I believe in understanding our imperfections

Feel free to browse my site, read excerpts, see what I’m working on. Of course, you don’t HAVE to buy my books, but if it were me, I would. They’re awesome!!

Don’t miss my blog. I feature any parent / kid related topic I experience. Sometimes, it’s just about my mood of the day.  Everything in this blog is funny and humorous; there is no advice of any sort, only my experience and opinions. And I have pretty strong ones on occasions! What do you expect? I am French…

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Outside of writing books, my favorite thing is to go and talk to children about my work. If your kids’ school or your local bookstore would like to schedule a visit, I would love to hear from you in my “When shall I visit” tab.

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