2014 in one word

What’s your word for 2014? How are you going to define your year, yourself? World Moms Blog ask this question and my answer is: TRINITY.

No, I don’t think I am a goddess – although it’s fine if you disagree… This year, I am going to be three different mothers. And I hope that I end up doing a semi-decent job at one of them…

I have three kids. And for the first time, each of them is going to be in a different developmental stage. I have not figured out yet whether this is good news or sit-tight-and-ride-the-wave news. Today, I am in a good mood so I want to believe that I am up for the challenge. BRING IT ON KIDDOS!!!

My little girl is in her troll stage. Full swing! She has been for quite a while. That’s the stage where she is oblivious to everything and everyone around her. She is not able to do much by herself but thinks she does not need anyone – a good training for the teenage phase… It does not matter what I say, she simply does not care! For this child, I am “magic power” mom: I have to keep her safe by anticipating all her moves and reading her mind – as  you probably have experienced yourself, a troll mind does not follow logic or any law known to humans! A troll mind has its own set of rules. My magic powers are further enhanced by the fact that I am totally invisible to my daughter and that my voice can only be heard by myself. It’s a little challenging, but as Superman, Spiderman and Batman can testify, the job of superheroes ain’t that easy… I am not too stressed up, I have a certain level of experience. I have two bigger kids and the local ER does not have my phone number on speed dial so that’s something. Yeay!

My middle boy is in the push-my-button phase. Everything I say has to be challenged AND I cannot possibly be right. Sounds a lot like a teenager, except, I can still hug him and he loves me. I should enjoy it while it lasts… Every time I ask him to do something, he says, “But why?” So for him, I have to be “But-Mommy”: always ready to argue my point, have  two or three reasons lined up for everything I say. Putting a coat on has become such a debatable point, we might have to move to Florida just so we can avoid the argument altogether. It goes something like,

Me: “Skye, Kyle, Put your coats on please!”

Skye: totally ignores me. I keep forgetting she cannot hear my voice. So she just continues with whatever it is she does – draw on the floor, empty the content of my handbag. Eventually, I grab her coat and put it on her.

Kyle: “Why?” Yes, for real. every single time.

Me: “Because we are going to school.”. In my house, going to school comes as a surprise to all  my kids  EVERY SINGLE morning.

Kyle: “Yeah, but why do I need a coat?”

Me: “Because it is cold outside.”

Kyle: “No, it’s not!” Thankfully, I am ready and have my phone in my hand with the weather app that shows it is 15F.

Me: “Yes it is. Look at this forecast!” And I shove the phone in his face.

Kyle: “Well, it does not feel cold so why do I need a coat?”

Me: “How do you know how it feels? You have not been out yet.”

Kyle: “I can tell…”

Me: “OK, enough. Just PUT YOUR COAT ON!”

Kyle: “OK! No need to scream! I was just asking…”

And you can apply this conversation to pretty much everything: having breakfast, going to bed, taking a shower… Now you understand why I never get out of my house, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

I am not so good at being “But-Mommy”. It implies a level of patience that I do not possess. Ah well, can’t be good at everything…

My big guy is in his honeymoon phase. He has slowed down on the button-pushing business but has not transformed into a teenager yet. For the moment, he does not think I am a complete idiot- won’t be too long before that happens though… and he kinda likes me – but no hugs please! So for him, I am “Cool-Mom”. We sit down and talk about life, growing up, stuff he hears on TV, etc. He asks for my opinion, gives me his. It is lovely. We are like best mates!

I don’t know how I am going to do at “Cool-Mom”, it’s my first time. And something tells me that the honeymoon does not last long, so by the time I master it, it could be over.

Going back to my coat example, with Jake, it will go something like,

“Put your coat on, please.”

“Yeah, sure mom!” Sounds nice, right?

But when I drop him at school, I realize that he has no coat on…

As I was barely managing to remain sane with just being “mom”, let’s see how on earth I am going to keep it together in 2014. That trinity thingy sounds like a BIG challenge…

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