A special pizza!

Today, I took Skye for a girls lunch out! We bought some shoes – as we always do wherever we go with Skye! Then we went for a slice of pizza. Because it was my birthday and that’s what you do on birthdays, right? Skye insisted that she wanted a pepperoni pizza.

“Are you sure?” I checked. Whenever we get pepperoni pizza at home, Skye never touches it so imagine my surprise.

“Yes, I want pepperoni!”

“OK then.” So I ordered what she asked for. Not the basic pizza with a couple of pepperoni slices on it. Nononononono! The one covered with twenty layers of pepperoni: pepperoni below, above, on the side, EVERYWHERE! Because that’s the one that Skye chose.

I paid. We sat down to eat. And then, I spent the next five minutes plucking every single pepperoni slice off the pizza, because Skye said, “But mom, I don’t like it!”

Not so appetizing anymore…


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