A special traffic lane for moms?

Let’s get straight to the point here: moms do not have time to waste in traffic jams, OK? So, while it is fine to be stuck long enough for us to apply our make-up – well, for the ones who still bother with that, anything over five minutes is just an utter waste of our precious, precious time! So how about we create a special lane for moms in a hurry? A bit like HOV, or fast track. It could be called, MONG (Moms On The Go), or BOAF (Bugger Off, Am Faster), or just MOMMI (Move Out, Me More Important).

Whatever the name, we need to implement this concept fast. 24 hours is already way too short for any mom’s schedule. So there is no time to sit in our car and do absolutely nothing while the clock is ticking. Because for starters, we are already late, even with no traffic, so is there even a point going anywhere if we are going to be even more delayed than normal? Secondly, the late minutes keep stacking up, so by bedtime, we could still be trying to figure out how to pick up the kids from school.

There are occasions when you can accept a traffic jam. Like when you are trying to drive to NYC. If you have not factored in 30 minutes to sit right outside of Holland Tunnel and admire the view, then you only have yourself to blame. I mean, it’s NYC guys! Major, major town in the world, with constant traffic jams in and out. Even my four year old knows that!  Or if you expect to average more than ten miles an hour within London, or Paris, then Hello??!!! What planet do you live on?!

But honestly, when you live somewhere in the NJ suburb, and you need to go some other place, deeper in the NJ suburb, say 30 miles away, and you plan 1h15 minutes for the trip, just in case someone decides to have an accident at the last minute, you’d think that for once in your life, you will be early to your destination… At least that’s what I thought, until I did just that. Yesterday night. I was lucky, there was no accident, no major road work, nothing worth noticing. Yet, it took me two hours! that’s 120 minutes to do 30 miles. Not to be a math nerd or anything, but that’s an average of 15 miles an hour, for a trip that is mostly on the motorway. No traffic light to delay you, just four, sometimes five nice wide lanes with nothing but… gazillion cars!! Seriously, the whole state must have been going where I was! Insane, so very frustrating and definitely NOT A GOOD USE OF MY TIME!!!

I would have been faster biking there, if it wasn’t for the freezing temperature, the box of books I had to carry, the fact that I temporarily only have the use of one hand, and the small detail that I don’t own a bike…

I could have driven in and out of NYC in that amount of time – although it would be even more pointless to do a round trip there just for the heck of it. I could have blogged for two hours – NOW YOU ARE TALKING! I could have facebook(ed) till the cows come home. I could have fed the kids, done a load of washing, put them in bed and cleared the kitchen … yeah, might as well sit in my car for two hours and listen to some music…



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