A torture for mothers…

I have just come across the worst torture in ten years of being a mom. If you think that having to build a 2000 piece lego spaceship under the very critical and impatient eyes of your three kids is bad; if you believe that there is no greater challenge than trying to make a jigsaw where five different types of pieces had been mixed up and half of them have been eaten by the dog; if you are under the impression that nothing can drive you more insane than your four year old playing drums while your two boys are competing to see whose electric guitar is the loudest. If you think that putting all these together will amount to the worst you will experience, THINK AGAIN!!

I just took my daughter to the dentist and they have legalized a new type of torture for moms in the form of this:









It looked innocent enough so I picked it up, quite curious to see what this was doing. BIG MISTAKE. Am I ever go back top normal after this? I am not sure.

The thingy contains a list of miniature objects that you need to find amid the bazillion colored confetti. And, just to prove that I am taking this situation very seriously, the stuff to find are: a car, a safety pin, an egg, a bead, a block, a balloon, a snow flake, a pom-pom, a flag, a rubber band, a smiley face, a candy cane, a penny, 26 dice with a letter of the alphabet on each of them, a fish, a wiggled eye. I think I forgot something, but I will probably wake up at 3am and remember it because I am that obsessed with the whole thing…

You cannot open the stupid tube so the only way to come across the hidden objects is to shake the toy . Attached is a view of the purple bead (although they are sneaky, they don’t tell you what color you are supposed to look for…) the letter “I” and the egg. See them?!









At first , you  tend to play in a very civilized and controlled manner – after all, you are in a semi-public place and your behavior impacts what other people in the waiting room think of you.  Plus, you are an adult, playing with something intended for toddlers, so how stressful can it be? But after half an hour, it is tempting to bang the horrendous stuff against the wall as you clearly do not give a $^% what anybody thinks, you might even hit them with that idiotic toy if they dare looking at you funny. Seriously, what kind of twisted person invents stuff like that?

I was at the dentist a whole hour – not because it took that long to clean my daughter’s teeth, but because I could not admit defeat and give up. I HAD to find everything that was hidden in there. The office manager finally kicked me out after an hour because I was scaring all the kids (not true, obviously!!! I was just scaring my own kids with the prospect of spending the whole afternoon watching their mother going gradually insane, which would be OK if only they had remembered to take their  videogames with them).

I don’t want to go back there as I have not quite recovered from the stress yet. Plus, I think there might be a restraining order against me… So you must help me, please. Get the toy and try to find the penny, the smiley face and the candy cane. These are the only ones I have not found, and I cannot sleep anymore!!!! Are they really in there? Or is it just a plot to drive moms that are silly enough to care crazy?

These toys should come with a warning: not for mothers with OCD!

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