Almost back to school

I know, I know, nobody wants to hear that! ALREADY back to school!! Argh!! Not fair. We only had eleven weeks of summer.  Well, I have to agree with that! Only eleven weeks is clearly not enough to get ready for the next school year! I know in my house, we still don’t have backpacks, or any kind of supplies to put inside them. We are not even quite sure what day or time school starts, and who is going in what grade.  My kids are relying on me to tell them where to be, when and what to take. whereas I am expecting them to know everything they need to know and tell ME where and when to drive them. Every year, we have a mad rush the week before school starts. Kids say that’s because I am not organized. Cheeky!!! But I don’t hear anyone thanking me for it. Because let’s face it, what is better: mom trying to get everything ready the day before school starts? Or mom being so organized that the day after school finishes in June, she is already planning the next back to school. So you don’t stand a chance to forget that school ever existed for eleven weeks?.. Yeah, I thought so…. YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!

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