Another new member in the family

We have met our new cousin / nephew!! So exciting! His name is Twister, he is four month old and eats anything he sees: food, toys, wood, people, you name it!! He is so cute though, he gets away with it all.

My brother got Twister recently so we met him when we arrived for our vacation.  He came to our house and peed on our kitchen floor within seconds – I suppose that was his way of saying “Hello”. Then he proceeded on chewing all of Skye’s legos. When he was done with that, he got a little hungry so he stole all the chips on the table. That gave him energy to run around the pool and chase the kids. Except the clumsy thing fell into it and that surely calmed him down for a bit! We thought he was just a little excited to see so many few faces. But now that he has been to our house a few times, we can see that he goes through the exact same routine every time: pee / chew / steal / chase. So all we can say to my brother is: good luck to you!!! Oh by the way, did I mention? It’s a dog!!!

Joke aside, he is the most adorable puppy. Take a look!

DSCN0143 (800x600)DSCN0212 (800x600)




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