Another pet thingy in the family!!

I know, I know, it sounds crazy. And it’s not quite true. We have a new… something in our family. If you ask Skye, it’s a pet, but if you ask anybody else, it’s a thing. So let’s settle on this: it’s a pet thingy!

What is she talking about? You are wondering…. I am talking about Purple Cat.

Purple cat is a pet in a lot of ways. Firstly, it has a gender: it is a girl. phewww! Lucky. Imaging being a boy and purple?!!!

Secondly, it has a cool pet name: Noodle. Skye named her.  And kuddos to her for not naming her”Purple cat” like everybody thinks it is…

Thirdly, Noodle is wearing a real cat collar. In fact, it is the most expensive cat collar Skye could find, in the whole of America.

But aside from that, there are a few minor reasons why Noodle is not a cat. The main one is: she is made out of plastic. Take a look at her…








That’s Noodle!!


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