Ants are smart…

If you have been following my blog, you know that I have made a few discoveries about ants this summer. First, they like meat. Second, they invade kitchens in all the countries in the world. But the most amazing of all is this: ants are smart! And I don’t just mean: smart. I mean: super duper clever.

See, yesterday, I was sitting at my computer, when suddenly this ant appeared and started to walk on my keyboard. At first, I thought she was just lost and wandering aimlessly. But then I paid more attention and here’s what happened. I even took pictures to prove it to you!

First, she walked on the letter FIMG_0604 (600x800)

Then she went straight on E IMG_0603 (600x800)

Then she went on W

IMG_0602 (600x800)

Then she paused on ALT to turn and look at me – although you cannot really tell from the picture, I even think she was grinning…IMG_0600 (600x800)

Then she disappeared under the space bar…IMG_0601 (600x800)


I think she meant to spell “phew” (as in “phew, you did not get me!”), except, she is a lousy speller… Still though, it’s pretty smart for an ant.

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