Back to school!!!!

In my house, back to school is like, “Yeah, whatever…”. So that’s that!!!

The only super excited one is Skye. She loooooves school! She had her backpack ready with her supplies, her water and her snack a week in advance – well, the snack had to be “refreshed” a bit. That’s such a contrast from the boys who, this morning, could not get ready for school because they had lost their shoes! Yes, lost. Gone. No more shoes!!!  After much drama,  a mad last minute search, we still could not locate the shoes so the boys got their dirty sneakers out and off we went!

We found the shoes, six hours later, at the neighbor’s house…

I suppose you can say that every morning is a big adventure because I never know what crazy situation I will need to manage. But one thing for sure: we will be late for school!!!

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