Behave, Or Else!

I’m a mom. And like all moms, I want my kids to be well adjusted, socially aware by understanding and respecting others. From a more practical point of view, I also want them to behave. Because I don’t fancy a trip to the mall with a brat rolling on the floor, or having to negotiate for three hours so we can leave the playground. When I say, “Go!”, that’s what we’ll do. When I say, “No!”, you just have to accept that you’re not gonna get whatever it is that you’re asking for. And if you don’t listen, then I have a back up plan: consequences for challenging mom’s authority include time out, losing TV, playdates and other privileges. That usually nips it in the bud.

I’m not all about punishing and saying, “No” – Just don’t ask my kids to confirm, take my word for it. I also do positive reinforcement and teach the difference between good and bad behaviors by reading books. Because, it’s always better when it comes from somebody else.

But lately, I came across something  a little . . . disturbing. A series of books about behaviors that kids shouldn’t do, like: bullying, lying, etc. Yes, we all agree that it’s bad, and no one should do it. The books show a kid who does all these bad things, and has to face the consequences of his actions. Yeah, I buy that too! I think it’s fair, if you’re going to show bad attitude, you should deal with consequences. But, is there such thing as taking it too far? Like, is it really necessary to make the kid disappear. Forever! And show relieved parents having a party because the bad kid is gone. I mean, hello? For real? What do I tell my five year old when she asks,

“Where did the little boy go, Mom?

He got lost at sea and died of dehydration and hunger, unless he was eaten by a shark first. Good night hun, sweet dreams!”

I don’t think my kid will be bullying anyone or lying after that. Or sleep for that matter . . .

One might say the proof is in the pudding and all that, but I think that’s a little over the top. Oh, excuse me, I need to put my kids to bed.

“Children,  if you don’t brush your teeth in the next two seconds, jump in your PJs and fall asleep right away, cicadas will come to visit you in the night. You have been warned . . . ”

Where was I? Oh yeah, shocking to scare your kids like that, isn’t it?

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