Beware of the cat!

As I blogged a few days ago, we expanded our pet family by getting a cat. In my third book (which I am hoping to release toward the end of 2013), Isaac gives a few tips about how to get a cat. In real life, we got Athena because Jake nagged us for months and months. I have to give a lot of credit to Jake though. He was not just whining, “I want a cat, please, please, pleeeeaaazzzee” (although he was doing that too…). He was also very resourceful. He researched the different breeds of cats, he wrote a whole presentation with cat facts, why getting a cat is great, how to take care of a cat, etc…

There is one fact that I remember very clearly: cats make great company for old people. I was wondering whether Jake was implying we were old and therefore needed a cat. But let me tell you, now that we have Athena, there is NO WAY cats are good company for old people. Quite the opposite! Every single morning, as soon as I step out of bed, I am greeted by Athena who tries to trip me off. She speeds in front of me and then stops just where I am supposed to put my foot. She enjoys it most when I am going down the stairs with a pile of laundry so I can’t see where I am stepping. I am not that old and have a good balance and still, on a few occasions, I almost landed flat on my nose. So how does that work for old people?

Also, every night, when I am fast asleep, Athena jumps on my head! What a nice and calm pet!! Or she hides in the most unexpected places, like inside a drawer that’s slightly open, or under the covers of the bed. And when she hears me coming in, she jumps out and scares the living daylights out of me. I think she is on a mission to frighten me. Just take a look at her picture. What do you think?



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