Birds are mean!!

Two days ago, I took my car to the car wash. If you have read my first book, you will probably remember that the mom character never washes her car. And although the book is a fiction and the characters and stories are made up, this part is totally real: I never wash the outside of my car. I never find the time, or I don’t have the money, or a million other good excuses why I don’t do it. But last week, Skye was nagging me to wash it. Because she went to this cool place with her dad where you can watch your car as it is being washed. The best entertainment ever! Better than any movie she has seen! So after four days of, “Mom, you gotta wash your car!!”, I decided that it was a good idea, before it gets so cold that I would never want to step out of my car outside. After all, the last time my car had been washed was …. mmmm…. last March, maybe? By that, I mean March 2012… So I took Skye and we gave it a gooood scrub! Well, not us, we just washed! The wheels were so disgusting they had to be done twice. Man! Did it look shiny when it was done!! Wow!! I should really do this more often!

So that was Friday night. I spent the whole evening bragging about my clean car, and how everybody else’s looked disgusting in comparison. The next day, we took the boys to soccer in my ever so clean car! We parked, watched the match and when it was over, we gathered our stuff and walked back to the car. And there it was!! COVERED IN BIRD POOP!!!! C.O.V.E.R.E.D.!!! Not just one or two poops. Nonononononono!!! Completely covered, a whole coating of it. Roof, windows, doors. Everywhere!!! Why did they do that to me? Is it because it was shiny so looked like a good place to land some packages!!!!!! Birds are SO MEAN!! Here are a few pictures of my now-not-so-shiny car… I am totally disgusted…

IMG_1118 (800x600) IMG_1119 (800x600)  IMG_1121 (800x600)

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