Can parents be wrong?

This morning, my boys and I had an interesting conversation about adults. The underlying statement from their perspective is that we, grown-ups, don’t admit to kids (or to other adults for that matter) that we are wrong – even when we know we are…

First, let’s talk about the exception to the rule, just to be very clear: I am never wrong.  It’s just one of those things. So I don’t have to admit to anything. Now that we have established that, let’s just talk about the rest of you.

It would appear that you are applying double standards: when your kids are doing something wrong, you want them to admit to their mistakes, apologize; which then gives you a free pass to lecture the beejezus out of them. At least, that’s what I do! But when you are wrong, you don’t acknowledge it, you don’t say “sorry”. And you surely are not going to let a little troll explain to you why you shouldn’t have done or said what you just did.

For example, when your child says something rude, you are on his case within a split second, “You can’t talk like that! This is inappropriate language! Apologize now! I don’t want to hear you say that again, do you understand?” OK, fair enough, someone has to teach them, and it really is your job. So what about when you drive and burst out, “What the @%$!  Move your &@&*% car, you *&$#%^!!” with your three kids at the back of your car? Never happened to me of course!!! And then, one of your kids goes, “Mom, you can’t talk like that, that’s bad language!” and you go, “Mind your own business or you’ll get no video game when we go home”. Poor kid is getting punished because of your foul mouth… tsk, tsk, tsk…

Or when you sit at your computer, doing some important stuff like checking your facebook page and at the same time, you tell your children to stop playing with their electronics because they’ve been on it too long. And you don’t even blink when they stare at you with their, “Oh, look who’s talking?” expression. When you eventually get that it is the only form of sarcasm they can get away with, you blur out, “It’s not the same, mom is working!” Really!!! On your facebook page?!!! They might be kids, but they are way ahead of the technology wave than you will ever be! They know for a fact you are NOT working, you are just flaffing.

How about when kids don’t want to eat Brussels sprouts because, well, Brussels sprouts are disgusting. Everybody knows that! And you go, “You will not get off that table until you finish everything in your plate”. And your smart cookies go, “But you did not eat any Brussels sprouts, that’s not fair!” What do you answer to that? “I am done with growing, I don’t need the nutrients” Liar, liar, pants on fire!!

Have you ever said, “You are right, mom should eat an even bigger plate than you. And I will do it right now”. Have you ever given up checking your facebook account just because your kids are giving you the evil eye? Have you ever copied one hundred times, “I will not swear at other drivers”. No?! Well. If you never want to have to, I will share my secret with you:  Be obnoxious about being right. Because you are a mom, you are never wrong. Even when you are. And THAT IS THAT!

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