Can there be too many snow days?

The answer is YES!!! Even for kids, although they will never admit to it…

Of course, my kids have not said that. When we got the phone call from the principal yesterday, announcing that school was closed today, the boys were falling on top of each other, screaming (with happiness a the beginning, then it turned into a full blown fight…) But there are some obvious signs that it’s getting too much. Even for them.

Take shoveling, for example.

1st snow day: kids could not wait to go outside and shovel. They were up and ready by 7am, had already agreed on shoveling rates and how to split the money. As soon as they heard our neighbor getting his snow blower out, they ran to scream at him that he was taking business away from them. They did my drive, and then proceeded on racketing the entire neighborhood. They joined forces with their friends so they would be efficient and have fun along the way. I had to get them after three hours because their nose was turning blue, although they did not even care. The whole time they were gone, I had to answer the door to a good dozen of shoveling teams who wanted to clear my already shoveled drive. Competition was fierce that day…





2nd snow day: yeay!! More opportunity to make money. A little less enthusiasm, a little less friends joining in. But as soon as I flashed a few twenty dollar bills, my boys were game! There were a little less shoveling gangs out there, and the kids came back in after finishing our drive – they did not even bite the neighbor’s head off when he came to help them with his snow blower.







3rd snow day: y…eah. So the price for shoveling has gone up since last storm – which was only a week ago. And a steep 100% increase with that! But it was either them or me working that drive, so I guess throwing money at the problem was my only option. Their shoveling team was down to two by then. No one rang the bell that day…

4rth snow day: … Whatever… Nobody knew or cared where the shovels were. I had to beg my kids to do the drive. After a lot of negotiation, they agreed. Within ten minutes, they came back in, “It’s too hard. We are not doing it.” And that was that.





5th snow day: Argh, man, are you serious? There was no way they were going to shovel the drive. “It is child slavery!”, “We don’t want to do it anymore!” I convinced them to do it WITH me, as a family fun thing to do. That did not work so I resorted to threats of losing all video games. They did a lousy job and took breaks every thirty seconds. Then they complained about frost bites, frozen nose, wet clothes … anything that would allow them to skive off…

6th snow day – which is today: There is no shoveling team out there. I think everybody has gone to a sunny place. Looks like I am on my own on this one. The kids still come out to watch me suffer, but they don’t lift a finger. They don’t even do the two steps at the front. Nothing. The message is pretty clear: this time, it’s all on me. And by “me”, I mean my husband. Because I can’t spread butter on my toast at the moment. So shoveling the drive?







I should not be doing any of it anyway, I wanted to live in LA so I take no responsibility for any winter related crisis.

7th snow day planned in two days: Where are the kids?


  1. They can definitely be too many snow days! I agree! It’s so much fun but after a while they get tired of the amount of time it takes to put on and take off snow clothes. Especially my three year old and his potty breaks. So they end up staying in the house more often then not and just learn how to push each other’s buttons…non stop! Glad I’m at work today, one child had school, and the other is at a friend’s house. So good luck to that mom *evil laugh* and now I’m hearing reports of more impending snow. Argh!

  2. Ha! Yes, there absolutely can be too many. This madness is NEVER going to end here in Missouri either, it seems! Count me in the batch of people who has given up shoveling their driveway.

    Found you on bloggy moms, btw. Nice to meet you 🙂 .. Love your blog and I’m adding it to my reads 🙂

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