Can you fill up my car please … Mister Sheep…?

My 24 hour trip to New York City last Saturday was full of discoveries. Here is another one. As we were walking down 10th Avenue to go back to our hotel, we ended up face to face with … sheep! Not one poor little sheep, lost in the big city! No!!! twenty five sheep, happily grazing the fake grass of a gas station …. I know, none of these words make sense when they are put together in the same sentence. I am aware that it sounds crazy. But it is true!! Don’t believe me?? Check this out…

sheep1 sheep2






See!! Told ya!!!! It’s a temporary display – it means it is only going to stay there for a few weeks. And then, the gas station will be knocked down. So if you want to experience being in a farm in the heart of Chelsea, it’s at the old Getty gas station, at the corner of 10th Avenue and 24st Street. You have to admit, it is kinda cool…

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