Best knock-knock jokes EVER

I bought a book for my middle son recently: the best knock-knock jokes EVER! I thought it would be a fun present. Plus, given that most of the boys’ knock-knock jokes were usually pretty lame, I believed that this could only improve the standard in our house. Well, how wrong could I be?…

So first, let me tell you, the boys don’t care for my present. they looked at the book, flicked through a few pages and abandoned it on the coffee table. Ungrateful kids!

Secondly, I made the mistake of leaving the disregarded object wherever it was last dropped – like everything else in my house. Because frankly, I can’t be bothered picking up after people and pets all the time. It landed in my daughter’s hands. And life at home has never been the same since then…

My little girl does not read yet. She picks up books and pretends to,  hoping to fool us. But as she mostly holds stuff upside down, nobody falls for it. She has observed that every time we pick up the book, we say, “Knock-knock”, somebody replies, “Who’s there?” and then some unintelligible mumbo-jumbo follows and on occasions (but admittedly very rarely), someone laughs.

So she got the gist of that and has made up her own “knock-knock” jokes. Quite a few of them… TWENTY-SIX to be precise. And it goes like this:

“Knock-knock? (that’s her saying that)

Who’s there?” (That’s me. Everybody else runs a mile when they see her holding the book…)


A who?

A, Mr peepee!!!” And she cracks up laughing hysterically. Once she gets her fit of laughter under control, she turns the page and “reads” her next joke:


Who’s there?


B who?

B, Mrs Peepee!!!”

Today, we went up to letter Q… It’s been a looonng day…






Collingswood book festival

Last Saturday, I attended the Collingswood book festival. It’s like a street fair, except for books! The weather was incredible – a little too hot even for me. Take a peak at my stand. Like it?

IMG_0942 (800x600)


See the orange book? What’s that??!!!! That’s the second volume in the series!!!!! Living with grown-ups: duties and responsibilities. And it’s out YEAY!!!! It will be available on my website by the end of the week. I’ll make a big announcement so watch this space!!!