Cats Have No Heart. . . Literally

Don’t get the wrong impression about me. I love animals. All of them. Well, almost. I don’t like mosquitoes, but who does? I don’t like little buzzy things that land in my food either. They never used to bother me until I saw this TV show about flies: When they land in your food, they puke in it. The idea is that they’re supposed to eat their vomit back before they fly away to puke into somebody else’s meal. Except, when you waive them out of your plate, you don’t know at what stage of their hopping-eating-puking process they are. Wait too long and they’ll puke in your plate, but waive them away too early and they won’t have finished eating their vomit. So with that, I never eat outside anymore, and neither will you! I’m not too keen on little crawling things either. Or big for that matter.

Generally speaking, anything small creeps me out because they always spook me. Anything big scares the living daylights out of me. Other than that, I LOVE animals, they just have to be middle size, not flying, not crawling, and obvious about when they are finished eating their vomit back. So it leaves me with dogs and cats. I have one of each.

I am a dog lover, although admittedly, the dogs I love the most are the ones that don’t live in my house. The mess, the smell, the dirty paws, grrr. But I love mine so much I put up with it.

I am not a great cat lover, mostly because my cat hates me so I feel a little scorned. I could never work out why Athena doesn’t like me. I am nice to her, I feed her, I sit on the floor and try to play with her. That’s more than my kids can say! Despite that, she couldn’t care less. Admittedly, she despises everybody in the house more than she despises me. I am the one she hates the least, so that’s a compliment I guess.

Still, I couldn’t understand why my cat has such a heart of stone. Well, now I know! I came across a picture of the dog’s anatomy and one of the cat’s one. Here is the dog,


You can clearly see his organs, everything in there. It’s gross but it’s science, people!





Now, here is the anatomy of a cat…



See! No heart.  Nothing. Just bones, claws and piercing eyes.


I knew there was something more to this than just not liking me.

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