A new member in the family!

We have a new-ish member in our family: a beautiful black cat that we got from a shelter a few months ago. This is a very important piece of news!! Because that’s one more character to write about in my books. And boy does she give me loads of ideas!! Athena (that’s her real name, she does not have a “stage” name yet, but I am working on it…) sleeps all day and runs around in loops all night. Sometimes, she is bored playing by herself so she jumps on my head to wake me up. She wrestles with my kids’ feet while they sleep. She digs for buried treasures in her litter at 3am. Nobody told me cats live at night!!!

Her and Pepper (that’s Pepsi’s real name) don’t really interact much. I don’t think they’ll ever be friends. I thought my cat would sleep with my dog in his basket. But let’s face it, that’s not going to happen!

You will be able to read about Athena in my next book. I am working very hard to get it out for the summer. If you want to be advised when the book is ready, sign in on the “what’s in the works” page.

Later, gators…

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