Christmas is all about tradition

At home, Christmas is mostly about tradition. I used to celebrate Christmas the way my family did. Which was completely different from my husband’s. In my family, Christmas eve was the biggest part of the celebration. A huge crowd of us would gather- I am talking, aunts, cousins, grandparents. We would eat too much, stay up super late, and talk until the cows came home. When we were small kids, our parents would put us to bed around 10pm. Only to wake us up at midnight, right after they had waved Santa Good Bye. We would then spend the next three hours opening our presents and playing with them. Once we became teenagers, we would just stay up with the adults, play games until 6am or 7am. Eventually we would go to bed and the next day (Christmas day) would be about sleeping late, napping in front of the TV, eating more food and eventually driving back home. That’s what I have always done. And for many years, I thought that’s what everybody did. But then I met my husband. Our first Christmas together was spent with his family in England. Christmas Eve: nothing happened really so we went to the pub. On Christmas day we did all the presents / eating / playing / napping business.

I was always a little concerned that when we would eventually have our own kids, we would argue about whose tradition to follow: his or mine? Well, that did not happen. Our kids made it really easy for us. Because, as mush as I have the fondest memory of my childhood Christmas eves, there was NO WAY I was going to wake up my kids in order to open presents. ARE YOU INSANE??? My first child did not sleep at night until he was four. do you SERIOUSLY think that I am going to wake him up for anything? You must be kidding, right? As for the family gathering, well, I know it would have been nice to make an effort and get everybody around the table, reminisce about the past, rebuild the world. But, I did not sleep for four whole years, so you don’t expect me to cook for twenty people and have them stay in my house for three days, do you? N.O. If I had any spare time, I WOULD SLEEP!!!

Admittedly, it was an easy transition. My semi offended family understood that I was sticking with English traditions, and not jut being rude and horrible. Although they did not understand why we did not alternate: one year: English Christmas, one year: French Christmas. That’s why they are SEMI offended.

I do miss the fun of Christmas eve though. But  that’s ok, I’ll get over it in the safe knowledge that I will sleep on Christmas eve…

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