Christmas is over!

That’s right! Christmas IS over! So how many more blogs Am I going to write about Christmas?! I mean, COME ONE! What more could there be to say on the topic?!!

Sorry guys, it’s my last one, so bear with me!

On Christmas eve, our church had organized a photo booth before the service. Because they say that people like to dress for that particular time of the year. So it would be the perfect opportunity to have a nice few shots of all family members looking their best.

In our house, gathering everybody to go to church is usually quite challenging – well, gathering everybody to go ANYWHERE is, really… We have been going regularly to the same church for over two years, yet every week end the kids are totally surprised when we mention church and try to negotiate out. EVERY TIME!!!. So try to get them to dress nicely on top of it was truly pushing it… The boys were having none of it. They were wearing their sports outfits and no way were they going to change. No threat of telling Santa made any difference and I for one was not going to wrestle them out of their casual clothes and into their nice ones. So forget it.

My husband and I were wearing our jeans, because we were under the impression that the dress code thingy did not apply to us… The truth is, I have nothing posh to wear, I don’t have time to change, and most importantly, I don’t want to change. As for my husband, he had already changed four times on that day. First he got dressed, then he changed to go to the gym. Then he changed back to his normal clothes. then he put some scruffy clothes to work in the yard. Then he finally got dressed for church. So the look he gave me when I asked him if he thought he was dressed enough was saying something like, “Look who’s talking, Scruffy!” so I felt I had no ground to say anything.

The only one who was too pleased to oblige was my daughter. she has a vast number of party dresses that a friend gave me so she’ll jump on any opportunity to wear them. My daughter’s style is pretty unique. She has very strong opinions on what she should wear and it is not up for discussion. No one is allowed to interfere with her style. So here is what she decided to wear for her nice Christmas eve photo….









Is is Christmolleen? Is it Hallomas? Whatever this is, NOTHING can explain why she chose to wear clogs?

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