Christmas tree: to decorate or not to decorate?

On Sunday, Kyle, Skye and I were tasked with getting a Christmas tree. It seems like a pretty straight forward thing to do given that we always get our tree from the same place. But it is in fact a huge responsibility. If we get it wrong, we have to live with the consequences (mainly in the form of nagging) for a whole year. The main issue with choosing a tree is the size: the boys want the biggest they can find. Two years ago, we had a tree that did not fit in our room so the top was bending, touching the ceiling. No way we could fit the star at the top. It was pathetic really… The year after, the boys agreed to take a slightly smaller one. This time, it fit, but barely. So we decorated the tree, but we could not switch the lights on in the lounge for a whole month because the tree needles were touching the bulb and threatening to catch fire. I don’t want to use the word “pathetic” again, so I’ll let you choose your own word to describe such a (pathetic) situation. This year, I took charge of the size problem. It is easier for me, because as far as I am concerned, I don’t want a tree. It’s just extra hours of vacuuming, extra mess, extra clutter. NOT. GOOD. So I was on a mission to get the smallest tree I could get away with. Kyle knew this and he was prepared to argue with me. And he did!!! So I compromised on a seven feet tree. Still five feet too big for me, but I think the boys (including my husband) were not too disappointed.

After we secured the tree in its stand, it was time to decorate. The kids were quite excited. It’s one of these rare occasions where everybody wants to participate, and no one is trying to pick up a fight. I rushed downstairs to grab the crate where the decorations were stored so we could get started… It took me about an hour to find them. Because, if my house is somewhat messy and disorganized, my basement is a place where no human being should ever go. It is full of stuff piled on top of other stuff with stuff above and under that. So yeah! An hour was a pretty good result considering the mountain of trash I had to go through. Of course, by the time I reappeared upstairs with the crate, the kids had lost some of their festive spirit and were gearing toward more of a fighting spirit.

“Come on, guys! Stop messing. Let’s decorate the tree!”

It lasted a total of five minutes. Skye picked up ten decorations and put them all on the same branch. Kyle was busy tucking his arms inside his tee shirt to see if he could stop himself from rolling off the sofa without using his arms – totally indispensable to decorate a Christmas tree. As for Jake, he did not have time for such futile activity so no help on that front.

After two days of looking at that poor tree with no decoration other than the five pounds that Skye had loaded on one branch, I decided to do it myself. Not to brag or anything, but I am pretty pleased with the result. Take a look…






My only question really is: what are you supposed to do with the back of the tree? The part that is facing the window? If you don’t decorate it, it looks a little odd and unbalanced in case anyone ventures behind the tree. And by the way, it will likely be a pet, and I am pretty sure that neither the cat, nor the dog cares about what kind of decorations are at the back of the tree – or the front for that matter. So who are you really decorating the back of the tree for? For the creep who might be peering out your window and spying on you? The squirrels? I just don’t get it…


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