Clock changing?!!

Did you know that the clock changed last Sunday? Did you? All of you? How come nobody told me?!

Sunday morning, the whole of America woke up an hour earlier for the same time – or the same time an hour later, I don’t know, I still don’t get it… The whole of America, except us!

Normally, I would never admit to something like that, I would have bribed my kids not to tell anyone and would have pretended I was on the same page as the rest of the continent. But unfortunately, we got caught…

Sunday morning, my kids had a soccer tournament. One of our friends was coming at 8.30 to pick them up and take them there. We are always guaranteed to be up by 8.30 so no need for an alarm clock. At 7.30am, we heard the bell ring. I did the only sensible thing to do at that time of the day, i.e. I pulled the cover all the way over my head and pretended I hadn’t heard anything. After all, it’s what everybody else does.  Then suddenly the bell started ringing frantically, accompanied by pounding on the door and some screams of some sort. As it was impossible to ignore by now, I did what I had to do: I woke up my husband.

“I can hear some screams at the door. Something bad must have happened! Quick, go open the door! I’ll grab the phone and dial 911”

My husband jumped out of bed. By now, the screaming, pounding and bell ringing had intensified.

He opened the door to our “panicked” friend who had a weird “Oh boy! I don’t believe these people!” kind of look.

“Don’t panic!” I said, “I am dialing 911, it’s all going to be ok”

“911? Why? Because you forgot to change your clock? I don’t think they care, you know…”

Then he hustled all the kids, “Come on guys, get ready! Chop chop! Your parents did not change their clock. It’s 8.30, we are late!”

Yeah, ok, no need to rub it in…

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