Do I look good in these goggles?

Skye cracks me up! The other day, she decided she needed goggles to play in the paddling pool. So off she went in the lounge, to get herself a pair of….. THESE!!! Check this out!


After I laughed my head off and grabbed my camera, I started explaining to Skye that these were not goggles to swim.

“Why?”, she asked.

“Well, because they are for carving stones and uncover dinosaur fossils (I know you don’t believe me either, but I am telling you, that’s what they are for).

“Why?”, Skye insisted.

“Because they just are” By now, I was getting a little frustrated with her questions. So Skye thought about it and then said,

“Yeah, I know. But why?” Then she took off, with her goggles tightly strapped around her head, and went on ignoring me…

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