Do pets have Christmas?

Of course they do! It would be cruel to not make them feel special on Christmas day. Plus, they are the easiest ones to shop for so it’s not that hard.

I hope they don’t remember too much about the previous years though, because we always get the same thing. We did not use to. When Pepper was little, we used to get him toys, or furniture (i.e. a big cushion to sleep on). But that silly dog would eat everything, destroying his Christmas presents within the hour. So we heard him pretty loud and clear and after a few years, we decided to buy him food for presents. Not any food: a gigantic enormous bone. Check it out…

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It usually takes him a couple of days to eat it. During which time he stays in his basket the whole time, chewing on that thing. His gums bleed, his teeth hurt, his nose is covered in bone dust. But he does not let any of that distract him from his goal: eat the bone fast! eat the bone fast!!

Athena gets food as well. Because that’s all she lives for. Athena would not hesitate to sell us all for one scoop of croquettes so we thought she would be really pleased. Of course, it’s hard to know for sure. She is pretty rude and never thankful.

As for the fish, well, I am ashamed to admit that we did not get them anything. My son and husband were tasked with doing the Christmas shopping and their take on it was, “Fish don’t care, they don’t have feelings”.

Well, I am not sure about that. There is actually a whole book dedicated to the emotional behavior of fish, called “Do Fish Feel Pain” by Victoria Braithwaite.

I did not read it, because the day I get time to read a book, it won’t be about fish feelings. But the summary of it is: not only do fish feel pain, but they have quite a complex emotional life too. HA!!! So now what do we do about that Christmas present situation? Basically, it means that not only the fish know they are the only ones who did not get a present, but they are deeply hurt by it. I don’t feel too good about that. I don’t care about fish, but I don’t want to hurt them either… I feel so bad that I avoid passing next to the fish tank so I don’t have to face their sad, distraught little faces. When unavoidable, I run past looking at my feet. Because I can’t look at these guys in the eye. But even by doing so, I can feel their glare piercing through the glass – and that’s despite the twenty layers of algae obstructing the view. Look at those angry fish…








How to make it right? Buying something now would be to add insult to injury. Asking for forgiveness? Blaming somebody else? I don’t know… This is a pretty nasty situation…


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