Domino thingy not up to the challenge…

We have a toy at home that we bought ages ago for the boys. Well, I really bought it for myself. I have always been fascinated with these domino competitions where people would spend countless hours building unbelievable pieces of art. And with the flick of a finger, all that hard work would go up into smoke within minutes. I love the dedication, the beauty of it, the hypnotic power as you watch each domino fall. But most of all, I cannot begin to imagine the amount of patience needed to build something like that. PATIENCE. A feature I am totally lacking.

So one day, I saw this toy that allows you to build a creative domino… thingy! Only with this toy, you don’t need to be patient. Because it has a little robot that lines up the dominos for you so you don’t have to worry about flicking one by accident. All you have to do is load a sleeve with dominos, put the sleeve on the robot, switch it on and come back a few minutes later to see the results.

The boys never even opened the box. Skye found it still with its wrapping. She was quite interested in it so she asked me to show her how it worked. FINALLY!! I was going to be able to indulge myself!! I have always dreamed of doing this and Skye was offering me a golden opportunity!! So I sat down with my little girl and we proceeded on loading the sleeve, putting batteries in the robot and OFF IT WENT!!! (OF COURSE it was not that simple. This process took us a really long time because Skye and I disagreed on everything: the color of the dominos to load, where to put the sleeve, which direction the robot should go, etc…) BUT ANYWAY!! Once we were done with the technicalities and we were ready to go, I was so excited. A dream was about to come true!

OK, I have to say I am a little disappointed. Although I was not expecting to build something nearly as ambitious as what I had seen on these competitions, I was simply trying to achieve this model….






Which is basically a curvy line.

Once the robot was finished, this is what we got…




Mmm, what d’ya think? Success?


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