Don’t tell the fish…

Fish life is so tough!

We have been away for a few weeks and my kids are having a good time in France. They swim in the pool, play all day, eat in front of the TV while watching a movie (also known as THE BEST EVENINGS EVER!!!). But they are missing their pets: Skye walks on all four and claims that she is Athena. Jake and Kyle Skype Pepper and Athena. Imagine that? Skyping your pets! And the best part is, Pepper loves it.

I don’t think there has been one single day where the three of them did not mention their names: Pepper! Athena!

But, wait a second! What about Zippo the hippo? Bozo the clown? Scaredy? Calvin? Huh?? Nobody missing them?? Oh Man!! These poor little fellas!!! Not a word for them. Man, it sucks to be a fish…


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