Dress for success!!

Today, I was doing something really (NOT) fun: cleaning spider webs from my ceiling. So I was in my scruffy shorts and tee shirt, armed with a broom, reaching to the corners of the ceiling. And trust me, it is as boring as it sounds!!

When I got to the lounge, it became tricky as the ceiling slopes and I could not reach. And of course, right at the top-top-top part of the ceiling, where no broom can go, was a big meeting of spiders in their webs, flies and other uninvited guests. All looking at me. Even smirking at me, thinking I could not get them. So I decided I needed a special outfit to clean that mess. I ran downstairs and came back up with  these



It did the trick and now, my ceiling is clean. The morale of this story is: you need to dress for success!

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