Efficiency 101: three life-changing golden tips

If you have been following my blog, you know that up until then, I have always been a little overwhelmed, late for everything, and generally pretty clueless. If you have not been following my blog, you missed out on an opportunity to feel great about yourself. But too late!!!! That was the old me. Now IN COMES THE NEW ME: organized, efficient, and such an expert that I am even going to give you some advice! I can hear the skeptics among my readers thinking, “How did she become such an expert overnight?”. Well, I would like to think that there was an organized-me trapped inside the body of an all-over-the-place mother. And now, she -the super tidy me, has been freed to express herself. Of course, I could also be suffering from a sudden case of full-of-myselfness, but that also makes good material for blogs, so who cares?

ANYWAY! Let’s just say that for whatever reason, I have discovered that I can be very very good at being efficient and it has changed my life… well, not quite yet, but I live in hope. So here are my three easy-to-follow tips that will help you save time and energy… But yet again, probably not!

Tip one: don’t listen to anything I say. I had these big plans to accomplish a million stuff a day now that all my kids are at school. However, getting dressed before lunchtime is still proving a challenge…. I think I might have been looking at this “getting ready in the morning” business completely from the wrong angle. Seeing many of you wearing clothes in the morning, I always thought it was a reasonably achievable target. But now I am starting to wonder, so I’ll just put the question out there, “are you sleeping with your clothes on?”

Tip two: Do not set up your office two floors away from where everything else is: bathroom, kitchen, trail of papers that you have left lying around for the past ten years. Because you’ll spend your day going up and down the stairs – good for exercising, but lousy for achieving anything.

My office is in my attic. I spent a lot of money and energy converting the space just so I could “hide away from everybody”. Well, I think I am just going to have to let everybody use the attic so I can work everywhere else… Because I must be doing one hundred trips a day up and down these stairs, and I am done!! So yesterday, I decided I was going to think this through: before I went up there in my dungeon, I piled up everything I needed:

computer – check

invoices – check

paper for the printer – check

paperwork for my books – check but note to self: why did I decide to store these in a binder??!!

coffee – check. Other note to self: this looks dangerous, Nadege, DON’T DO IT!

And up I went! Well, not only did I drink the most expensive coffee in the world – 900 dollars to be precise and now I need a new computer, but of course, I had also forgotten half of the invoices, and a pen (what kind of a person does not have a pen in an office? A disorganized one…). So I went back downstairs. Then up again. Then the phone rang. Argh…. ran downstairs to pick it up just as it hung up! Went back upstairs with the phone, but without my cell. Ran downstairs to get my cell. Where the heck is it? Searched the house like crazy, which implied a few more going up and down, only to find it where it ALWAYS is: in my handbag. Went back up, but guessed what? I had taken my pen downstairs to look for my phone (don’t ask…) and forgot it there, so ran down again. Grabbed the pen, but left the phone…. you get the picture. By the time I had gathered everything upstairs, I did not even want to sit at that bloody desk anymore, I was so frustrated! So my advice is to establish your office in the middle of the kitchen where everything is within a few steps…

Tip three: don’t have a cat. Cats are vicious. They are trained to climb over the neat pile of papers you have arranged by order of importance, or whatever freak piles you do to make yourself feel better. They stand bang in the middle of all these little piles and they WAG THEIR TAIL, until there is only one big lump of trash on the floor. They also invade your space without a care in the world. When my cat is not standing on my keyboard “typing”, this is where you can find her.


And don’t you dare try and move her if you value your clothes and skin…

Dogs aren’t so bad. But if you insist on working two floors up, make sure the animal does not need to do some business in the middle of your very productive day.

When you look at it closely, being efficient is near impossible. Of course, there is always the possibility of giving up and live a blissful life of mess, being late, and ruled by cats…


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