Exercise bracelet: digging a hole…

Oh my!! This is not going well for me…. Pffff, I don’t know how I am going to get back on track. Or if I am EVER going to get back on track, really…

Crash summary for the ones of you who have not followed my ordeal: my husband bought me an exercise bracelet for Christmas – don’t know what went through his head, seriously! I had to set a daily goal of number of points I could reach daily – still not clear what these points represent, but after two months of failing, I think it might be the number of heart attacks you are getting close to in a day. I set my goal to 4,000, just so I can prove to GOD KNOWS WHO! that I was better, fitter, younger than the perfect healthy young me in my wildest dreams. I completely overlooked the fact that I have three children, i.e. I don’t have time to exercise like a maniac, and even if I did, I wouldn’t! So between 25th December and early February, I reached my target once, because I put the bracelet on my dog and made him run laps in the garden. Other than that one day, I have been doing pretty poorly, all thanks to my arrogant attitude. “ Yeah, I can easily crank up 4,000 points in a day! Sure, I can EAT 4,000 points for breakfast, blah blah blah.

To add insult to injury, whatever points you don’t make in one day, you have to make up on another day. So, yeah! I am in deep sh@t!

Then, I had the good idea of injuring myself, which meant that I could not exercise at all for four weeks. Not true actually, I could not exercise for two weeks, but I managed to milk it for a little longer. Anyway, yesterday, I retrieved my bracelet from the bottom of my handbag, where it had been sitting for the past month. I plugged the evil stuff in my computer to download the data – well, that was not going to take too long as I did bugger all for a month.

There was some good news and some bad news:

The good news is, all the time the bracelet was in my bag, it picked up points. Yeay!!! So I was not on a flat, zero line for four weeks. Yoohoo!!!! More like a 500ish line…

The bad news is, within the whole month of February, I managed 15,000 points. Sounds a lot, right? And all that, just by swinging my handbag back and forth! Yeah, well, it’s still 97,000 short of my 112,000 target! How am I EVER going to catch up on that? Especially when I already am 50,000 points behind for January?!!

I am telling you, this bracelet has got UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.

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