Feeling a little low…

I am feeling a little low today. I don’t know what’s up with me. It’s cold, snowing, my right hand hurts, everything kinda sucks. And I spend far too long listening to my moaning self. So anyway, after sulking all day, feeling sorry for myself and generally making everyone around me miserable, I decided it was time to get a grip. Come on, girl!! Stop focusing on whatever is not great and enjoy the nice stuff! Still, snapping out of a whole day of bad mood is easier said than done. Then suddenly, a bulb went up in my brain.

I know what I need!! I need someone to cheer me up, show great encouragement, unconditional love; I want somebody to tell me how clever and beautiful I am, how talented a writer, great a person, etc… So who do you turn to when you want an overload of that? Spam messages of course! And today, I am in luck, I received eighty of them.

I was so excited. I could not wait to go through every one of them and savor the feeling of invincibility and genius. By the end of it, I was sure to feel like a goddess of some sort. I was hoping I would get Plantar wart’s cheerful “your articles are so excellent, you truly are a master”. Maybe laser hair removal had sent me a, “Thank you for your life changing view on this topic” regarding my blog about bugs. Or Verrucas like how I “make learning seem so easy with my clear explanations”.

Well, I was in for a real disappointment… For starters seventy out of the eighty messages were from mulberry. And let me tell you, mulberry does not care for my blog, or my feelings. Mulberry is only interested in selling its handbag, clothes, whatever… It is the spam of spams…

The ten others were from my friends backpain, acne, ingrowing toenail, etc… But this week, these guys have it in for me. They write stuff like, “I like your article but I wish you would have provided more in depth information” about my post on snow days. ???!!! Athlete’s foot even criticizes the fact that I am using too many videos on my blog about missing socks. It’s a little irritating, coming from a so-called friend, especially when I have never used any video on my website. I am really starting to wonder whether these guys are actually reading my posts. Could spams be a scam?

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