Five things I love about Thanksgiving

1. Cooking: I do NONE of it. My husband does it all. And as I really do not like cooking (and I am pretty lame at it…) it is such a nice feeling to know that I will eat a delicious meal without lifting a finger – in fact, if I offer to help (which I never do…), it will most probably impact the quality of the meal itself…

2. Turkey: I buy the biggest I can find. Then, there is enough leftover so I don’t have to worry about cooking for the next three weeks! My kids cannot stand to look at stuffing by the end of the week end, but I don’t care! This year, I got a twenty pound turkey for the five of us!! Not bad, hey??!!! I think we might have enough to freeze until New Year’s eve!

3. Expectations: my entire family has accepted to lower their expectations about me. Any other day of the year, I slave around the house, I do twenty things at the same time, I don’t sit down until everybody’s needs have been attended to (at least, this is how I see it!!). On Thanksgiving day, I do nothing. Period. And everybody knows it!!

4. Weather: Thanksgiving is the one day in the year when I don’t care about the weather. Because there is no way I am stepping out of  my house. What for? It’s Thanksgiving!!

5. Excessive demands: not only has all my family accepted that on Thanksgiving, I am totally useless, they have also implicitly given me a free pass to place unreasonable demands on them. I say “implicitly” because no one ever agreed to anything but every year I am pushing the limits to see what I get away with. And so far, I get away with A LOT!! This year, I made my husband and kids clean our gigantic fish tank. The thing was so filthy you could not even see through the glass anymore. It took the four of them a good two hours. During that time, I was sitting on the sofa, shouting instructions and writing my blog! It only happens once a year so I got to use my free pass really wisely. Last year, I made them clean up the basement while Skye was walking behind them undoing whatever they were doing. It was priceless to watch!

I have to admit that they don’t do it just out of the goodness of their hearts, to be nice to me. The truth is, if they don’t comply with whatever crazy demand I have, I threaten them to go shopping on black Friday. Works like a charm…

That’s just one of the reasons I love these guys so much: because they put up with me!


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