Five tips to make mom’s life a little easier…

Mom’s life can be really tough. We have to take care of so many things at the same time. It feels like the day is a constant race to nowhere, with the treadmill going faster and faster. Except, at the end of it all, once the kids are in bed, the pets fed and calm seems restored, we feel like we have not achieved anything in the day – not even lost a few pounds from all that running around. At least, this is how I feel on many occasions. Less now that my kids are growing, but when they were toddlers, I simply banned the word “achievement” from my vocabulary. The only realistic goal was to have all kids and pets alive by the end of the day!

Now that I look back on the past few years, I realize that I could have made my life a little easier with a few simple steps. So let me share some of my wisdom, in case it helps your day…

1. Don’t obsess with anything that has to do with tidiness of any place your kids access. By that I mean the car or the house. Because no matter how much you clean, tidy up, pick stuff up, fold, store, etc… IT WILL ALWAYS BE A MESS!!!! So save yourself some energy, close your eyes, and chillax!

2. Do not travel anywhere over ten miles. Don’t bother. The packing is too much of a nightmare, the trip will be disastrous and the vacation very likely to be bad. So just stay put!

3. If travelling is absolutely unavoidable,  don’t take any change of clothes. Your kids will always be one disaster ahead of you. Let me clarify: if you have two changes of clothes, they will puke three times. If you have three, they will puke four times, etc… So save yourself some laundry and unnecessary heavy luggage. Just don’t take any change. They will puke once. Or ten times, but so what?

4. When in a restaurant and the waiter asks, “Would you like fries or vegetables with the children’s menu?”, don’t try to pretend you care and order the vegetables. Because your kids already have many reasons to scream their heads off, so don’t give them one more. Plus, if you order the fries, they will eat them all, and chances are they won’t have any room left for the ice cream that comes in their menu. So you might enjoy a nice dessert.

5. Don’t punish your kids by taking their TV time away. Believe me, the only person punished will be you. That’s a total lose-lose situation. Your kids will have nothing better to do than bug you AND you won’t get through any of the 3,000 stuff you do when they are hypnotized watching some strange talking animal.

Hang on in there! Eventually kids grow up. And once they reach the age where you can turn your back without fearing that they will stuff their lego inside the DVD player, you will long for those days where life seemed so hard…

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