Forgot anything???

Today, Skye and I went for a picnic. We spent ages preparing to make sure we would not forget anything. We made the food, got some drinks, plastic plates, glasses and utensils, a blanket to sit on, some sunscreen, hats, tissues to wipe our face, a change of clothes for Skye, just in case. I mean, we almost needed a suitcase to carry all our stuff. It got so complicated I almost gave up on the whole idea. Especially when the park is surrounded by restaurants and Skye did not want to go for a picnic in the first place! So not sure why I put myself through all this.

But anyway!! Off we went. We dragged all our stuff, found a nice shaded grass area to sit. Right under a huge oak tree. the weather was fabulous, we were going to have so much fun. It looked like I had thought of everything for once. Well, really?!

Or did I forget the essential? Because it appears that the only thing I really needed for this picnic was…. a pooper scooper!! Yeah! The place was covered in geese poop. And when I say “covered”, I mean “covered”. You could barely see the grass!

The only reasonable thing to do was to go home. But by now, Skye had decided that she desperately wanted a picnic and there was no going back as far as she was concerned… So we sat on our blanket, and ate with our eyes closed. When it was time to finally go home, we folded our blanket, who was covered in smooched poop and went home. Skye’s shoes and the bottom of my dress were in a bad state.

I think next time I want to go for a picnic, I’ll choose a better venue, like a parking lot, or my kitchen floor. So at least, I won’t need that…

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