Four year olds are lousy messengers…

If you have a four year old at home, let me give you one piece of advice (yeah, yeah, I am one of those people who gives advice when nobody asks for it. What can I say? I am a mom!) My advice is this: don’t rely on your kid to deliver a message. They are totally lame at it and you will just be wasting your time!

As a proud mother, I can say without blinking, in a totally objective and impartial way, that my kids are super, super smart and excel in everything they try. And as far as relaying a message, Skye definitely, completely takes the crown! Every other four year old can EAT HER DUST!

Here is an example: the other day, I asked her to help me just before dinner.

“Honey, can you go and tell daddy that we are eating in five minutes?”

“OK, mom!” Wow, cool isn’t it? Finally, one child is agreeing to help a little around here!! It won’t be long before I can sit on the sofa and watch TV all day. This motherhood thing does have some perks…

A little while later, I heard Skye trip-trapping down the stairs.

“Did you tell daddy to come in five minutes?”


“Good girl! Thank you. What did you ask him?” Given that we were already fifteen minutes after my five minute ultimatum, I thought it would be worth checking…

” I asked if he would be ready at 10.40″ Oh! Of course! Then that would definitely explain why he was not coming for dinner! But I was not going to be defeated. I knew she could do it. Come on!! YOU CAN DO IT!! So I sat down with her and explained again.

“Sweetie, can you ask daddy to come down to eat? Just say: Daddy, dinner’s ready!”

So she turned around and went, “Daddy, dinner’s ready!” I am telling you, that little monkey is too smart for her own good…

“No, not from here! You have to go upstairs and tell him.”

“Oh…” And up she went.

A good ten minutes later, she came back.

“Did you  tell daddy?”


“What did he say?”

” He said that I could watch a movie because Cinderella didn’t work and I was afraid of Snow White so he said I could choose another one” And I deliberately did not put any punctuation, because she managed to say all this without taking a breath…

“OK. Can you please go upstairs again and tell him that dinner is ready?” This time, I decided to follow her. Dinner was more than ready by now. It was overcooked AND cold but I needed to get to the bottom of this.

So up she went. When she arrived in her dad’s office she went, “Dad, dinner’s ready. Are you coming?”

“Yes, hun, I will be downstairs in five minutes”

Then Skye came to me and I said, “Did you tell daddy that dinner was ready?”

“Yes, I did.”

“What did he say?”

“I don’t know…”

So, yeah, if you want to eat warm, do the messaging yourself. Or eat alone…





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