French national day

In the US, there is the 4th of July where everybody celebrates with fireworks, parties and late nights. In France, our national day is 14th of July. It is called Bastille day.  The 14th of July celebrates the French revolution, when people rebelled against the king. It is called Bastille day because on the 14th July 1789, the Parisians (people from Paris) took control of a jail called Bastille.

All across the country, townships organize beautiful fireworks, celebrations. All shops and businesses are closed. I mean, IT’S A PARTY!!!

Our house in France is on a hill: the best place to watch fireworks. We were so excited, we had the entire evening planned: we had invited our family for a nice barbecue on the terrace, had decided we would swim in the pool when the fireworks started, and had prepared all cameras and videos. This was going to be so good. I could hardly wait…

Then the night came, it was time for the fireworks. So I sat on the terrace, camera in hand, waiting for the moment. I was already thinking of all the great pictures I was going to put on my blog. Are you excited too? Well, FORGET IT!!!

Oh there was a firework, all right! Like two little red lights, with a tiny “bang” so I knew it was fireworks and not fireflies. And that was it.

And, to add insult to injury, apparently the next day, there was a massive firework display, right in front of my house. But I missed it because I was in bed!!! Nobody told me that Bastille day had been moved to the 15th!!! So, sorry, but no picture this time…

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