Give me the names of the weather guys!!

I want their names and emails. I need to write to them about ‘What the @%#$?” So last week, you were saying that America was thawing, yeah? Temperatures were rising to an unseasonably warm!  Really? Which America were you guys talking about exactly? The one in La-la land? Or the one where your imaginary friend lives? Because, look what was going on in the America where I live, last Friday – the day of the so-called meltdown.





Snow, snow, snow and more snow! And not a little snow. NONONONONO, A LOT! Sure you warned that there might be a few flakes falling in the morning. A FEW??!!!!! You also added, “But it won’t stick!” HA!! Did I miss some major news that this weather thing was all a joke?

Since then it did warm up – quite significantly. But somehow, the fact that the warm weather would come with torrential rain did not make it to my news page. So on Saturday I was warm, yes. But very, VERY wet! Can’t you just work up some magic and give us one good, sunny, warm day? Please, please, please, pretty-please?


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