Growing a beard?

What a bad day I am having!!! And to think that I thought it could not get any worse…

It started on a bad note: today I have to do some Christmas shopping – which I hate. Not only that, I have to do Christmas shopping with my kids, which means:

1. I will have to fight with Skye not to buy everything pink that she sees

2. The boys will beg to go to the hairdresser (an obsession they get from their dad)

3. Skye will cry the whole time out of boredom. But once both boys are finished, she will insist that she TOO wants a haircut – so that’s another half an hour down the drain…

4. We will have to stop for a drink, a snack and the bathroom – ten times

5. I will spend five times more than I had planned

6. Skye will buy at least one pair of shoes she cannot walk with

7. And finally, I will not get any of the stuff I need which means that I’ll still have to go Christmas shopping by myself later on.

Why not wait to go alone? you wonder… Because I live in hope that one day I can take my kids with me and things will go according to MY plan. Maybe you are wondering why I give in so easily to their demands. Well, that’s because I am weak. As simple as that.

So now you see why I was not looking forward to today…

As if all this was not enough to make me want to crawl back in my bed and wait until Christmas is over, I went to see my dermatologist. I say “my” because I nourish the hope that she will accept my invitation to come and live with us so I don’t have to worry about anything to do with skin stuff. I am a hypochondriac, what can I say? So realistically, the only two ways I can function are A/ get a lot of therapy or  B/ get all my doctors to live with me. I think plan B sounds easier to achieve…

So ANYWAY, as I was chatting with her, I expressed my concern with my changing skin appearance. I am trying to make it sound all medical and sophisticated but all this means is: I have pimples all over my face and look like a 44 year old teenager… with wrinkles… and bags under my eyes that can’t be explained by too much partying – Too much what? What’s a party? See, not even part of my vocabulary anymore…

My dermatologist explained that it was normal, as I was growing older, I was going to see more and more changes as pleasant as this one. That was already not too nice to hear. But then she added some more things to look forward to such as: I might grow a beard!!!

So now, I am sitting in my house all depressed, with my little hand mirror to check what the %@*# is happening to my face. If my husband reads this blog, YOU BETTER NOT BUY ME A RAZOR AND SOME SHAVING CREAM FOR CHRISTMAS. NOT EVEN FOR A JOKE!!!

I think I should just go back to bed now…But first I am going to grab my secret chocolate stash and stuff my face, just to nurture these pimples a little more…

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