Halloween decoration disaster!!

Yesterday, we put our Halloween decorations out. Yeay!!! It looks very spooky. The boys love it. Every year, they make it a little freakier as they grow older. This year, we have a ghost attached to our front door, so Skye does not want to come home anymore. She wanted to put fairies and goblins in the garden. Instead, she got that…

IMG_1029 (800x600) IMG_1031 (800x600)







So, as this was obviously not pink and girly enough, Skye decided that she would add her own decoration touch to the macabre scene. It’s cute, she drew nice little kittens on the door (in case you were wondering what these were)…

IMG_1036 (600x800)








The only problem is, she decided that the inside of the door needed decoration as well. When Jake saw it, he got pretty mad at his sister. Even HE knows no one is allowed to draw on the walls in the house. So he decided to clean the mess. And now, this is what my door looks like inside:

IMG_1035 (600x800)








And just in case you are wondering: blue chalk on white paint does not wash away. It stays there… I suppose we’ll be spending Thanksgiving painting doors…

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