Help!!! My four year old keeps outsmarting me!!!

I thought the one perk of being a parent was that you are always right. No matter what your kid says to try to show the flaws in your logic , you can always throw a “Because I said so” and win any argument. Well, with Skye, I am losing every single time and I am starting to feel a little intimated and frankly quite stressed up when I see we don’t agree on something. Because I know she will outsmart me…

The other day, Skye was being mean to her brother and kept telling him, “Kyle, I DON’T CARE, OK?” for no reason really. Poor Kyle had done nothing to deserve her wrath! (I wonder where she gets her snappy attitude from…) So I told her off, “This is not appropriate to talk to your brother or anyone like that. You don’t say “I don’t care”, it’s not nice.”

She said nothing but she did not need to, her eyes did the talking for her, “You wait and see…” I could hear them whispering…

A few days later, I was calling Skye to come to bed but she had a million excuses lined up as to why she could not.

“I am brushing my teeth!”

“Come to bed, please.”

“I am combing my hair!”

“Come to bed, please”

“I am putting my purple cat to bed”

Eventually, after five minutes of this, I snapped a little.

“I don’t care what you are doing, just come to bed!”

So my little angel daughter came to lie in bed and as I was kissing her good night she piped,

“Mom, is it only adults who can say “I don’t care”?”

I could have thrown a, “Do as I say, not as I do!” but I did not dare, I knew this was going to come back to haunt me…


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