How many lives do we have?


I don’t know whether it is true that cats have nine lives. But I can say for sure that we have at least two: a life before we became a mom. And a life after.

The one BYBAM (Before You Became A Mom) was pretty dull and selfish:

1. All you did in a day was get up and take care of “you, yourself and you”. Yeah, all of these!!

2. You used to work ten hours a day. It just shows how inefficient you must have been…

3. You had to go out for dinner several times a week. Because the thought of going home and watching TV by yourself was too scary.

4. You would spend your money on futile stuff like tattoos – Nah! only kidding, but that was a long dream of mine back in my BYBAM days – just never had the guts to do it!!!!

5. You would cross at least three time zones every week, and be all happy about it. God knows why!!!!!

6. You would stay in bed until lunch time on week ends.

7. You used to live in the smallest possible apartments in the most crowded towns.

8. When not sleeping, a good chunk of your week ends would be spent shopping and buying the most uncomfortable shoes in the world.

The life AYBAM (After You Became A Mother!) is so much more exciting and fun:

1. You have cut your sleeping hours to less than the bare minimum so it gives you plenty of freedom to tidy up, do some washing or tackle other equally rewarding house duties.

2.  You have become a specialist of many diseases that usually involve some projectile fluids.

3. You save lots of money by NEVER stepping out of your house unless somebody’s life depends on it.

4.  You only have one pair of shoes: your slippers!

5.  Your closet is full of clothes that  you cannot fit anymore, but it does not matter because all you are wearing is sports outfits. Not that you go to the gym every day. NONONONONONONO!!! You just pretend. Sometimes you intend to. But you never get around to it.

6. You are never disappointed by any new restaurant’s menu or quality, because you are not going anywhere for the next ten years. Just staying put! In your house, in your sports trousers and your comfy slippers!

7. A few hours of loneliness are not the scariest thing anymore. They are a goal, a purpose for the day!

8. You also dream of being bored and having nothing to do for just an hour.

You have learnt to enjoy your own company and the simple things in life. Your kids taught you that. Thank you guys! And if sometimes, the “You before them” sounds glamorous and fun, being the “You after them” is so much more than that. I won’t trade it for the world – not even for a pair of funky shoes…



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