How much clearer can it get?

Oh Man!! New Yorkers don’t leave anything to the imagination, do they?! I went there on Saturday and was enjoying a nice walk downtown with my husband. As we came to a park, we saw a sign that featured a dog on it. You know, one of these signs that says, “Keep your dog on a leash” or something like that. As we were not with our dog, we did not pay too much attention. But still, from the corner of his eye, my husband could see two dogs on the sign. Not one. So it got his interest. He stopped and walked back to look at the sign. Then he burst out laughing and called me, “Get your camera out, I have a good one for your blog!” And a good one it was!!

The sign is about not letting your dog pee or poop on the grass. The thing is, if you write that on a sign, a dog owner will either respect the instruction or ignore it. And there is not much that can be done about that. So why? Oh why? did anyone think hat it would be better to actually draw a dog doing both these things? Is it going to put dog owner off more? If anything, seeing a dog doing his business is going to make your own dog want to go, don’t you think? I don’t get the point of this sign. I personally think someone just decided to be funny…


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