Is the tooth fairy mean?

Tonight, we read a bedtime story to Skye about the tooth fairy. A little girl lost her tooth and the fairy could not come because she was busy with some other tooth fairy emergencies. Instead, she kept sending some friends to fill in for her (filling! tooth!! Get it?!) Skye was looking a little “disturbed” the whole time Stuart was reading to her. I assumed she was bothered that the tooth fairy might not show up when she loses a tooth. So once reading was over, I explained to her that the tooth fairy ALWAYS comes. With the boys, she has never missed a night. Sometimes she came a night later, or left money under the wrong pillow (oops!!) but eventually, she always turned up. Even in our house, where we have unrealistic expectations about her (see photo), she has not given up on us.








The more I was trying to be reassuring, the more Skye was freaking out. By now, she was holding her mouth and kept saying “No! No!”

“No what? honey?”

“I don’t want the tooth fairy to break my teeth!” Oh My! No wonder she was freaking out, that’s a pretty horrible thought!

“The tooth fairy does not break your teeth honey. They fall out by themselves.”

“NOOOOOO!” OK, that did not go too well either. “I don’t want to lose my teeth!”

Fair enough I suppose. I never really spent too much time analyzing the losing-a-tooth business, but it is pretty scary. The thought of losing a tooth scares ME so how about a four year old? I felt so so bad for her. Nothing Stuart or I would say seemed to make it any better. With truth and logic leading us nowhere, and in order to close the subject, we resorted to, “Don’t worry, mommy and daddy will make sure that the tooth fairy does not come to break your teeth!” I know it’s bad, but until Skye gets the whole baby vs adult teeth business, I am going to stick to that story. Sorry, tooth fairy!

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