It’s good to be home, isn’t it?

I just came back home from a little trip in Europe. I detest travelling for many, many reasons. But just to name a few: I hate packing; I cannot stand all the drama in the airport (checking in, going through security, boarding); I loathe flying; I abhor landing and everything it entails: getting the luggage, queuing for customs, security, getting a car, blah blah blah… And don’t even get me started on jetlag, driving on the other side of the road and other equally annoying changes. In a way, I am like a toddler: I don’t cope well with routine changes. So when I am away, I deal with these changes the only way I know: I throw a lot of tantrums…

The ONLY nice thing about travelling is that I love coming back home. And today, I did just that. As I stepped in my house, the world seemed to be back to normal. More than I could ever have dreamed of: my cat had pooped on all the rugs (welcome home, family!!), the fish were still alive, despite being left alone with the cat. And the dog was so excited to come back home that he peed with joy all over the kitchen. Which I only realized as I stepped in it while carrying a ton of clothes to dump in the washing machine. So, yeah, home sweet home!!!

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