It’s not over even when it’s over….

Cicadas are kinda gone. Almost no more noise. There are still a few wandering around, but for the most part, it’s over. We won’t see any of these flying aliens (as Jake calls them) before another seventeen years. Or maybe we will…

Because my boys have decided that seventeen years is too long to wait. So they kept a “souvenir”. It would have been nice if they had warned me though.

What they did is, they picked up a dead cicada, put it in a plastic container and the container in the freezer. This is what it looks like…






What they DID NOT do was tell me about the dead frozen insect in my freezer. So when I reached out for the ice cube, I was a little shocked.

Now all they have to do is find out how to bring the cicada back to life once it thaws – it can be done in movies, so who knows…




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