Just when you think it could not get any worse…

Do you have these days where one thing happens, and then another, slightly more annoying, and so on. And just when you think it could not get any worse, BOOM!! Something else happens.

Well, I have just described my yesterday to you.

First, I got woken up by the cat standing on my head, glaring at me, in a “you feed me now or I am going to kill you” sort of way. As I got out of bed and started to get on with my day – i.e. scream so the kids would come for breakfast, yell at the dog for sleeping on sofa, and a bunch of other totally normal crises, Stuart called me, “Hun, the cat pooped on your new rug!” Niiiiice!

I decided to escape the house and go to the post office for some alone, stress-free time. What was I thinking? The line started at the front door! Once it was my turn, there did not seem to be the right package, form or stamp for my stuff. I actually considered going to deliver the thing myself … in Singapore.

ANYWAY!!! After running a thousand other boring errands, I got back home, only to find everybody outside, gesticulating in all directions. I had not even got out of the car yet that my son and husband were on my case. The whole commotion was about a birthday party that my eldest was supposed to attend and for which I did not leave a time, address, or present. Driving off was really tempting. But instead, I got out of the car and once everybody had stopped assaulting me with their questions, I said, keeping my composure,

“The party is in two weeks. Now bugger off all of you!” I can be so chilled when I want to…

Then the dog got sick. Then the electricity stopped working in some areas. But not to worry! It was just a wire catching fire! Then one kid got sick. Not in one place though. All across the house… Then I decided to clean the fish tank because we could not see through it anymore. Oh I scrubbed it all right!! So much so that I broke the glass top, cut my hand on it and severed a tendon.

Two and a half hours of panic and ER later, I got home with a pretty peach cast.

But just when I thought it could not get any worse, I realized that nobody had saved me a meal! I mean, can you believe this? They must have been so worried about me that they ate themselves into a stupor and then fell asleep. I am telling you, this mom job is a little lonely sometimes…

So if you notice that my posts are a little shorter over the next few weeks, it’s not laziness. Or lack of inspiration – believe me, yesterday provided me with weeks worth of material! It’s just that there is so much my left index can do in a given day…


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