Kids dig science…

Science is amazing. It can explain everything! Well, maybe not. But almost everything! This year, I get to do a lot of science studying with my fifth grader. Not that he needs my help – quite the opposite, he is trying to avoid me at all costs whenever he has some science homework. But I am a nerd, I have a major in Science (ok, just high school level, so really nothing to brag about, but I am a mom! I don’t go out! I don’t talk to anyone, so will you just let me feel more important than I really am for a minute?!!!).

Anyway, yesterday, he was studying the human body. I really know nothing about cells, and organisms, and epithelial thingies so I was listening to my son explaining it all to me. When he came to the skeleton, here is what he said, “If you did not have a skeleton, you would be a Barbapapa”.

Read that again, “If you did not have a skeleton, you would be a Barbapapa” ????

I bet none of you knows what that means?!!! Even my auto correct is underlying “Barbapapa” in red, thinking it must be a misspelling. NOT AT ALL! A barbapapa is a real thing! It’s hard to describe so I am going to be very scientific about it and give you its main properties:

– Although I write “it”, there are actually male and female barbapapas, so maybe I should be a little more respectful and address it as a “he”.

– Barbapapas come in many different colors. Quite interestingly, the alpha male (or dad if you will) is pink.  Although they can change shape (see point below), barbapapas keep their color.

– Barbapapas grow underground, a bit like a plant: you have to water them and eventually, they come out of the ground – I don’t know how long it takes, I don’t have a major in barbapapas.

– They live on land but are able to breathe under water. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it. But believe me, there are weirder things about barbapapas…

– Barbapapas’ shape can vary: it can adapt its shape to any object or living creature by looking at it – a bit like a chameleon with colors. Its original shape, or resting shape should I say, is that of a big blob.

– Barabapas do not grow old – never, not one wrinkle. I have been watching them on and off for 40 years and they have not changed one bit.

– Dad is pink and is called Barbapapa – very original… Mom is called Barbamama. And those poor, poor kids are called:  barbotine, barbibul, barbabelle, barbouille, barbidou, barbalala, barbidur. I know you do not believe me.. But I kid you not. This is what French kids learn: the name of the barbatrolls. ask Skye, she can name them all!

If you did not have a skeleton, this is what you would look like. So tonight, when you go to bed, give your bones a hug – I know I will!

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