Kids’ logic is unbeatable!

I love kids’ logic. It is uncomplicated, makes total sense and there is really no good reason why it should not prevail!

Take Skye for example. She has been learning a song at school, about five pumpkins on a gate. Each pumpkin says something – but I am not sure what as she mumbles the words. They speak in turn, the first one, then the next, and so on, until the last one has spoken. So this is what Skye says: The first one says blablablabla…. the twoth one says blablablabla…. the threeth one says blablablabla…. the fourth one says……. the fifth one says …….. Makes sense, right?

The one thing I need to ask her though is why is it the first one and not the oneth one. That definitely does not make sense…

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