Kids totally rock…

And I mean, TOTALLY!!! Today, I was invited to speak to the third, fourth and fifth graders of a local school. This day was not starting too well. First, the weather guy kept announcing a blizzard, bad driving conditions, etc… As I had to drive for about an hour, I was getting a little nervous.

Then, my husband stressed me up with traffic.


I had planned to leave an hour and a half before my meeting. I had an hour drive. That left half an hour to sit in traffic jam, get the car to break down, and other dramatic possibilities. I thought that was plenty. But my husband urged me to leave way earlier because he said that traffic was really bad on the road that I was taking. Of course, I trusted him because he is the one who drives there regularly, not me. So for once, I was willing to admit that MAYBE, just MAYBE, he might know better … Well, that will teach me!!!

I got up at the crack of dawn, drank seventy gallons of coffee and was on my way. There was NOBODY on the road. Not a soul. Just poor old me, almost begging for a traffic jam so I could kill some time.

Needless to say I arrived before the school even opened! Some people say, “Better early than late”. Well, I don’t know about that… Is this even a proper saying? Is there such thing as wayyyyyy too early? I think there is…

Anyway, I forgot about this semi-disastrous start of the day pretty quickly because I HAD AN AWESOME TIME. Everybody was so friendly and nice. And the kids! Ah these kids, they were so clever, and witty. I am always so amazed at the questions they ask. It is so relevant, focused, truly clever and quite deep. They were so great. I feel really privileged to have met them. They definitely made my day!!


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