Life with a peach cast – Take one

So, like I said yesterday, severing my tendon has opened a whole new chapter of blog inspirations for me. Every cloud has a silver lining indeed…

Before I tackle the subject of  ‘life with a cast”, let me say two things:

Firstly, will write in abbreviated form, skipping subject, capital letters and everything not absolutely necessary, so my left index gets a little break.

Secondly, indulge me and blame typos on tendons, as it looks like my brain has got one notch up the lazy ladder.

Today, I am going to talk about my new life in the kitchen. You’d think everything is going to be more challenging and difficult with 50% of your hand ability and a taste for drama. Well, not really.

1. Breakfast: used to include a wide choice of cereals, eggs, bacon, fruit, toast with either butter, jam, lemon curd, marmite, or a combination of all these. To which, by the way, the kids always answer, “Dunno, am not hungry…” Not anymore. No, from now on, it is cereals. Dry, and straight out of the box. If you want to be posh and eat them in a bowl with milk AND a spoon, you better get everything yourself. And for those of you who are too small to reach the cupboard where the bowls are, well grow a few inches, will you?!

2. Lunch – see breakfast above

3. Dinner – see lunch…

4. Snack: what? What do you think this is? A five star hotel?!!

I love it!

5. Dishwasher: ok, that’s a little challenging. I just emptied it and it took me twenty minutes. Complete waste of my time. On the plus side, I managed to crank up 250 points on my exercise bracelet as I had to take every item out one by one. I tried to speed up the process but got two forks at the same time and almost stabbed myself so not worth it.

6. Loading the dishwasher: not happening. Don’t care. That’s why eating dry cereals straight out of the box sounds like a genius plan.

7. Cleaning the kitchen: no need, no one is cooking. Pepper can lick the dry cereals from the floor.

8. Groceries: just ordered a truck load of cereal boxes…

9. Coffee: argh!!!! Can’t make coffee by myself!!! Does Starbuck deliver?

See! We are down to the essentials. Today I have spent a total of three minutes in my kitchen. It’s important I save time in certain areas to make it up for the fact that typing blogs takes an average of nine hours currently. It’s a good job I can’t sleep with that cast on…


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